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a Supercar

a Digital Collectible

Your digital wallet. Now connected to the world’s most coveted collectible items.

How it works →
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    Select a collectible. Choose a product sourced from one of our approved Oracles and purchase it using USDT Stablecoin.

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    Mint an NFT (digital counterpart). An NFT is minted as proof of ownership and sent to your digital wallet. This NFT can be held, sold, traded, or redeemed for the physical item at any time.

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    Safely store it in a vault. Physical items are shipped to one of our Oracles' secure storage facilities, where they are fully secured, insured, and maintained.

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    Hold, Sell, or Redeem. After purchase, you can store the physical product, sell it on the open market, or redeem it for the physical item. Claim your physical product by burning the NFT counterpart.


A liquid market for off-chain assets. Enabling an easy transfer of wealth between the digital and physical worlds. Stay liquid. Altr.

  • Take ownership of a physical asset while simultaneously and instantly trading it on the blockchain. Purchase a physical collectible in exchange for an NFT that can be claimed or traded.

    All purchases produce a unique NFT that can be claimed or traded.

    Available Q4 2022


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  • Take fractional ownership of the world’s most incredible collectibles. Make owning a world-class collectible affordable. Traditional collectibles were always reserved for the elite - it’s time to give access to everyone. Fractional ownership allows you to own a piece of a rare collectible by owning a fractionalised portion.

    100% of fragments are required to take possession of the physical asset. The majority fragment holder (51%) can elect to purchase the remaining pieces, with all partial holders benefitting.

  • Use the NFTs you own to access the liquidity you need by receiving loans from liquidity providers, or peer-to-peer, all in a completely trustless manner.

 Access liquidity against your collectibles (NFTs) without selling the asset giving you unprecedented financial flexibility to holders. Put your collectibles to use and secure a line of credit. Your NFT can be used to collateralise and leverage.

 Use your NFT to secure a line of credit. Further your stablecoin investment.

    Leverage on your collectibles to gain access to USDT.

  • Bring collectibles on chain. Present a physical asset to selected Oracles and receive a digital counterpart as a unique NFT. Trade your luxury goods on Altr.

    Our vetted Oracles are responsible for assessing the authenticity and value of your assets pre-conversion.

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The world’s most coveted collectibles. The world’s most trusted merchants.

Our trusted Oracles are experienced vendors of world-class luxury collectibles. We’ve now brought them on chain.

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