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The digitisation process on Altr is seamless and will provide all audiences with an easy way to create digital twins of their luxury collectibles. The light digitisation provides access to market information on luxury items and their valuation, whilst the full digitisation provides access to loans through collateralisation of the digital certificate.

  1. Light certification request

    Begin the process by submitting details about your collectible to receive a light certificate for your item.

  2. First evaluation & light NFT

    The light certificate will provide access to market information and the experts present on Altr will provide a valuation of your item.

  3. Full certification request

    To enjoy more benefits from digitising your collectible, you will have to go through the full digitisation process, which requires more information and you confirming ownership of your item.

  4. High Security Transfer

    Your asset will be securely transported to one of our expert partners' facilities for an in-depth valuation assessment.

  5. Oracle’s Evaluation

    The designated expert will perform a thorough analysis of your collectible, delivering both a valuation and a comprehensive report on the item.

  6. Digitise it or get it back

    If you accept the provided valuation, your item will undergo full digitization.

  7. Stored into Swiss Freeport & Tradable NFT Minting

    Your collectible now has a complete digital twin, which you can use as collateral to access loans through Altr's lending platform. More functionalities will be unveiled in the future!


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