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Our trusted Merchants

Oracles are the vendors of specific luxury assets who have a staked investment in Lucidao.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When we reference the Altr marketplace, Oracles pertain to luxury dealers in various asset classes that have been onboarded on the Altr marketplace.

  • In a blockchain protocol, Oracles are entities that are trusted by protocol participants to bring information that is unavailable on-chain. In Altr's case, Oracles are trusted to make the link between NFTs and real world assets. Altr’s Oracles guarantee with tangible authenticated evidence that tokenized products are real, in pristine condition and impeccably kept. The Oracles also use their expertise to reliably price these assets.

  • Oracles have to apply to become official on Altr Marketplace, their candidacy will first be reviewed by the Lucidao Core Team. After initial due diligence, the Oracle will be presented to the Community that will vote following the DAO governance process to determine if a specific Oracle should be welcomed as an Official Oracle on the platform.

  • Anyone with 1% of LCD delegated to their address can propose a governance action. All proposals are subject to a three day voting period, and any address with voting power can vote.

Onboarding Application

Are you a merchant of luxury goods looking for a new market of premium clients?

Onboarding Application (coming soon)

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