Alessio Zenga

Watch Expert

Alessio Zenga is co-founder of The Watch Boutique and has an exceptional reputation as a collector of and dealer in the very finest vintage watches. Alessio’s international footprint and understanding of important watches make him a valuable addition to Altr’s team of expert Oracles. The Watch Boutique is a Luxembourg-based company with a presence in Italian, Switzerland and the USA. The Italian office is located in the heart of Milan's artsy Brera district and the American offices are situated on the prestigious Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Alessio has a team of dedicated employees and partners working exclusively for The Watch Boutique. Alessio will work with Altr on authentication, valuation and appraisals of watches.

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"At a time when watches are more popular than ever, Altr is uniquely positioned to bring asset-grade collectibles to a new audience. I am delighted to be part of this new journey."

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