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The Watch Boutique was founded in Italy by passionate enthusiasts to provide a unique and personalized buying experience for anyone seeking the perfect watch, with expert guidance throughout the purchasing process.


The Watch Boutique sells rare and collectible watches. They offer personalised advisory services, and provides a lifetime warranty on the originality of its watches.

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Born from passion.

Their showrooms, located in luxurious locations such as New York, Milan, and Luxembourg, as well as online, offer a carefully curated selection of watches for sale, as well as personalized advisory and consultancy services for collectors, auction houses, and museums. A team of experts works closely with the original manufacturers to ensure that every watch in their inventory is authentic and in impeccable condition. TWB believes in fostering a community of collectors and enthusiasts by sharing passion and knowledge for collectible watches.


About Us

The Watch Boutique is proud to be one of the world's premier destinations for rare and collectible timepieces.


The Watch Boutique is led by a Luxembourg-based company that owns an Italian and American subsidiary. Their Italian offices are located in the heart of Milan's artsy Brera district, while the American offices are situated on the prestigious Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. They have a team of dedicated employees and partners working exclusively for The Watch Boutique, with essential strategic roles.

Certification process

In addition to their corporate structure, they take pride in the certification process. Every watch, whether vintage or modern, is verified and certified by the original manufacturer to ensure its originality, conformity, and legitimate provenance. TWB has established connections with the world's leading watch brands, including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Longines, and Omega.

Lifetime Warranty with every purchase

At The Watch Boutique, they are committed to offering the highest level of service to customers. That's why every watch they sell comes with a lifetime warranty on the originality of its components. No other competitor in the industry offers anything like this, typically limiting their warranties to just one or two years on the mere functioning of the watch.

Featured Product

Featured Product

Rolex Daytona 6265/8


Since its launch in 1963, the Daytona has become a benchmark for those passionate about driving and speed. Made for those passionate about driving and speed.


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